New Mouse for Graphics Computers

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
posted by Clete

Hello PRO / CG operators. You’ve successfully navigated to this page, so I believe using a mouse doesn’t quite necessitate any further instructions. However, I do want to update you on a change in human interface devices. We’ve changed the mouse to one with a more “tactile” right click. With this update, we’ve also mapped some of the extra buttons to hopefully simplify the ProPresenter experience. Please click on the diagram below to see the addition of of the extra buttons. Note that “clear all” is a click down on the scroll wheel. Happy clicking!


One Response to “New Mouse for Graphics Computers”

  1. Ron Gehrke says:

    How were you able to accomplish this? Is it a setting in Propresenter? A custom script/app? Any help would be great. I would love to implement this in my setup. Thanks.